FRT Services

FRT Team

Deployment of O&M (FRT) Team :
  • We are a leading ORGANIZED fiber FRT team provider.
  • Our FRT Team has a splicer, Asst. splicer and 2 helpers or as defined by customers.
  • Mode of transport is our air-conditioned Maruti EECO vans or as specified by the customer.
  • These FRT teams are available 24, 12 or 10 hours with all the required equipment as specified by the customer.
  • FRT team carry splicing machine, OTDR, power meter, portable generator/alternate power source & supporting tools.
The scope of work of FRT Team :
    • Patrolling the OFC route on the fixed stretch to prevent cable disruption.
    • The monthly test of all fibers in the section.
    • All defects in the fiber to be rectified in consultation with the customer.
    • Mobilization of types of equipment, skilled and unskilled manpower for fault identification and rectification.

OFC Services

OFC Services

OFC Network

This activity includes rolling out of OFC network within the city limits (access) and for long distances connecting cities (backbone). The process involves the following activities:

      • OFC Route Planning
      • Cable laying, Cable Blowing, Splicing, Jointing, Trenchless ducting, In-building installations, Electrical works, FTTH installations
      • Optical Transmission Equipment Installation & Commissioning
FTTH Solution

As communication networks are developing towards all-optical networks, the Fiber To The Home (FTTH) technology has attracted added attention and gained wider application as a future ultimate and once-for-all broadband access solution. It enables commercial users and home users to gain sufficient bandwidth for satisfying their specific application service requirements. We offer complete solutions in terms of equipment’s installation, Fiber routing, and Designing.

OFC Operation & Maintenance (0 & M)

The scope of Work:

      • Patrolling is aimed at preventing cable disruptions along the OFC routes.
      • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance.
      • All fibers are tested for the block sections and reported every month
      • Any defects in the fiber or in any of the associated equipment are attended with the consultation of Customer.
      • Breakdown OFC Maintenance includes 24*7 mobilization of equipment and skilled manpower for fault identification and rectification
      • Test link attributes like; splice loss/link loss after the rectification of fault is corrected
      • An O&M team has a supervisor, splicer, assistant splicer, patroller and a helper for every range defined by the customer
      • FRT team consisting of a splicer, an assistant splicer, and a helper is deployed as per customer requirement
      • A four-wheeler with a driver is available 24*7 with all the equipment (Splicing machine, OTDR, Power Meter, Portable Genset and supporting tools)
Our Passive Maintenance Services Cover The Following Telecom Infrastructure:
    • Diesel Generator
    • PMU (Power Management Unit)
    • Fire Alarm System
    • Battery Bank
    • Air Conditioners
    • Shelters
    • Servo Stabilizers
    • SMPS
    • Tower / Mast / Pole
    • Earth Pits
    • Other Electrical Elements


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