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Corporate Social Responsibility

We Believe in Giving BACK to the Nature:

Introducing: Star Tree & Animal Care Foundation

Main objects of the company.

  1. To provide free of cost medical help/support for domestic/wild animals/trees.
  2. Setup R & D facilities/ dispensaries / hospitals/ Plantation/farming/animal husbandry/agricultural support-knowledge/ Afforestation.
  3. Setup animal/tree ambulance facilities.
  4. Facilitate population control of dog’s and cat’s and population growth of wild animals.
  5. Including free consultancy for development of farming/fisheries/ poultry growth.
  6. Development and protection of water bodies and ponds.
  7. Help avoidances of man-animal conflicts.
  8. Any other work relative to the natural cause.
  9. Provide & accept donation and charities for the objectives.
  10. Relocation of the native species of plants and animals

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