///Fibershot Micro Series OTDR

Fibershot Micro Series OTDR

The Fibershot Micro-OTDR is used for maintenance & installation of cable-TV/broadband/FTTH/network/device maintenance/engineering acceptance. Also in some other applications including power cables, coaxial cable, CCTV securities monitoring, and camera transmission cables and so on.

The Fibershot micro-OTDR can determine and locate the faults and breaks of an optical fiber, network cable and other cables & wires within 5 seconds automatically and very easily.

The Fibershot micro OTDRs greatly improves the efficiency of installation & maintenance while reducing the cost of operation & maintenance, especially suitable for the last 100 meters of optical fiber & network cables on FTTH.  Backed by unparalleled service & support. Best for cable-TV & broadband operators.


Laser Tube LD
Detecting Diode APD
Measurement Resolution 0.6m
Event Dead Zone 15m
Attenuation Dead Zone 20m
Test Pulse Width 10‛30‛100‛300ns‛1‛3us
Dynamic Range 18 dB
Measurement Length (Event) 50km
Measurement Length (Attenuation) 30km
Measurement Range 5-200m
Pulse Amplitude 10v


Pulse Width 10‛30‛100‛300ns‛1‛3us
Measurement Resolution 0.6m
Measurement Range 5-200m
Pulse Amplitude 10v

Optical Power Meter

Wavelength Range (nm) 800-1600
Probe Type InGaAs
Power Measurement (dBm) -50 TO +26 dB
Uncertainty 3%
Display Resolution 0.1dBm
Fiber Category Single Mode
Connector SC/APC

PON Power Meter

Wavelength Range (nm) 1310nm & 1277nm
Measurement Range -40-+6dBm
Insert Loss Loss than 1dB
Uncertainty ±1dBm
Operation Wavelength (nm) 650nm

Visual Fault Locator

Operation Wavelength (nm) 650nm
Light Emitting Device FP-LD
Output Power (mw) 5mw
Modulation 0Hz,1Hz, 2Hz
Fiber Category Single Mode
Connector SC

Network Test

Download Speed 1000M
Ping Test 6 groups or setting
PPPoE Dial 6 groups or setting
DHCP Detect Display IP and Gateway
WEB Test Display WEB interface

Line Test

4 Groups Loop Resistance 1-8000 Ω
4 Groups Unbalanced Resistance 1-1000Ω
Uncertainty 5%

Line Search

Audio Hunt 800/1600HZ-10vpp
Ultra Audio Hunt 400KHz moulation 800/1600HZ-10vpp


Power Supply Lithium/4000MAH
Power Adapter MicroUSb 5v/1000mA
Single-Phase Maximum Current ≤ 200mA
Standby Power ≤ 2uA
Battery Operating Time ≥ 10H
Auto-off Time (min) Adjustable
Working Temperature (°C) -10~+50
Storage Temperature (°C) -25~+70


OTDR: locate the faults and breaks of an optical fiber, measure the length, the transmission loss, and the splice loss, ETC, (30km for attenuation & 50km for breaking point)

LTDR: measure the length, breaking point, short-circuit point, impedance mismatch point and distance between 2 points for network cables, coaxial cables, and other cables & wires.

OPM: measure the average optical power.

PON power meter: measure the PON upstream signal (1310nm & 1277nm) power, to judge whether the on-line ONU exist and ONU upstream pulse is in normal condition.

VFL: used for fiber tracking, fiber routing and continuous checking in the optical network.

Network test: with the integrated Ethernet interface chip. It is used to test various network features including ping and connectivity tests like – PPPOE dial, DHCP test, ARP test, web test and so on. To determine the network faults.

Internet speed test: measure the network download speed and website response/delay speed.

Line test: measure the loop resistance and unbalance resistance of network cables (cat5, caqt5e/ cat6/ cat7), and the loop resistance of the coaxial cable, other cables & wires, to judge the faults condition of all physical connections.

Line search: search the specified cables & wires by sending and receiving signals (audio & ultra-audio).


  • OTDR – full function PON OTDR that also allows Live Fiber Testing
  • LTDR – To Test Copper CAT-5/6, Cable TV Copper Cables, Electrical Wiring.
  • OPM – To Check Optical Signal Level
  • PON POWER METER – Check OLT/ONU, Useful for Internet Service Providers.
  • VFL – Check Fiber Faults Visually.
  • NETWORK TEST – No Need of Laptop to check Internet Speed & LAN Health.
  • LINK TEST – Can check Ping to the Router/Gateway.
  • LINE TEST – Check Break/Shorting Point in The Copper Cat-5/6 Cables
  • LINE SEARCH – Locate cables under the Wall or Find Cable in the Control Room.


  • Excellent service tool for FTTx
  • Broadband
  • Cable TV Service


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